• Classic Manicure

    A classic hand treatment that includes exfoliation, cut&file, cuticles, hand massage and nail paint.

    DURATION: 60 min

    COST: R185

  • Classic Pedicure

    A relaxing foot treatment to cut&file toenails, exfoliate, reign in cuticles, buff heels, massage your feet and paint toenails.

    DURATION: 1hr

    COST: R260

  • Skin Studio Cape Town Salon Treatment Menu

    File and Paint

    Cut, file and paint fingernails or toenails.

    DURATION: 30 min

    COST: R85

  • Express Pedicure

    30 minutes to neaten up toenails and heels.

    DURATION: 30 min

    COST: R180

  • Skinlogic Heel Treatment

    Papaya enzymes are used in a mini foot wrap to soften heels and calluses. Add this to your normal pedicure.

    DURATION: 30 min

    COST: R70